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Angie Boeger
Dale Bristow
Jesse Hunnicutt
Stephanie Jamieson
Emma Jones
Laura Minor


  • Using Language Patterns to work towards a shared vision. In Monopoly, the goal is to be the person that has all of the wealth and bankrupts everyone else. Our game is centered on everyone working to try and reach a shared vision for their community. They would do this by moving around the board trying to collect the attributes that are listed for the problem or vision at hand. The first person to get all of the attributes is the winner. The difference here is that nobody is really a loser as the rest of the players can continue playing until they get all of the attributes as well.


To meet the goals of the community shared vision card, while building your individual neighborhood.

Game Play

These are the current rules for monopoly. We will be updating these as we develop the game so that at the end, these rules will be strictly for our game.


Shared Vision Cards

The shared vision cards are designed using the pattern cards. During our first game workshop, we picked out 30 pattern cards that stood out as connecting to the theme of our game, we are now using these cards as a springboard to create our vision cards, that present a problem to be solved by all players of the game.


Group Discussion

Monopoly Cards