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Discussion of the capability in individuals

Communication is beyond written words, its the ability to transmit emotions, feelings, and information through speech and posture.

Discussion of the capability in society

The application of Communication has only expanded with the growth of technology but still remains within the individuals. So much eye witness accounts can be submitted to the world via Facebook, twitter, and other internet outlets, that information can become instantly accessible. To maintain a healthy social life its important to balance your access of mass information on the web, with face to face conversation, so we can interact as human beings.

It also seems that culture is constantly communicating with individuals in many ways. Morals and values are highly specific to different cultures. Although each culture has subgroups and individuals that don't fit the norms, it does an amazingly efficient job of communicating what behavior is tolerated and expected and it subtly identifies what interactions and world views are acceptable to the society.

How it currently works

Thoughts, Ideas, and Emotions, are converted to reality by physical means and then spread among outlets to people.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Smoke Breaks
  • Bar Chats
  • Speed Dating
  • Messenger Pigeons
  • Pony Express

Potential deficiencies

Mis-interrupting information that is given to you (i.e. telephone game), or distorting the truth for social or personal gain.

Idealized version of how the capability would work in society

Information is intrepreted the way it is supposed to be and not distorted by emotions or current state of mind.



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