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A Christmas Story Version... (16 Cards)

  • Bullied by Scut Farcus and Grover Dill.  PAY $100
  • You shot your eye out! PAY $150
  • Trouble with the furnace again. PAY $50
  • Christmas Delivery Charge. PAY $40 PER GIFT WRAPPING $115 PER CRATE
  • ...Only you didn't say "fudge" GO TO JAIL (Go directly to Jail Do NOT pass Go Do NOT collect $200)
  • "I'm sure the guilt you feel is far worse than any punishment you might receive" GET OUT OF JAIL FREE (This card may be kept until needed, or sold)
  • Complete the old man's crossword puzzle and win a major award! COLLECT $200
  • Receive bounty for capturing Black Bart's Gang. COLLECT $100
  • Chang a tire in 4 minutes flat (without saying "oh fudge") COLLECT $100
  • You decode a secret message, it says: COLLECT $100
  • You remember that "Victor" is the name of the Lone Ranger's Nephew's Horse. COLLECT $45
  • Convince your parents you went blind from soap poisoning. COLLECT $25
  • Get your teeth back from Miss Shields' confiscated item drawer. COLLECT $20
  • Win "how the Piggies Eat" contest. COLLECT $10
  • Save the family from Black Bart. COLLECT $50 FROM EACH PLAYER
  • Encounter bullies on the way home from school RUN! DASH TO GO (COLLECT $200)

Here and Now Version... (16 Cards)

  • You appear on a TV morning news show to promote your new book. RECEIVE $1,000,000 IN ADDITIONAL ROYALTY FROM INCREASED SALES