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CIRAL Moodle

Overview and Current Content Contains CIRAL Fresh Sheets Contains the following forums General Discussion for CIRAL Development Home Office Forum (Liaisons too!) Cluster Proposals to Review Mission Statements to Review Plans to Review

Why it is Necessary Access restricted to Evergreen students and faculty

Issues and Challenges New students aren’t added to the Moodle by the automation process

Ideas for Improvement Resolve the automation issue with new students not being added, and if that isn’t possible, manually add new students during the first week of each quarter


Overview and Current Content Site can be viewed by anyone. Content can only be posted and edited by users with an Evergreen login and password. It is unknown whether posting and editing is restricted to certain students and faculty.

Contains historical information from past students and projects Being used by current Civic Intelligence and Social Imagination class for Anti-Pattern project The vast majority of information, other than a bit of stuff from Doug, appears to be from June 2012 and earlier

Why it is Necessary Contains valuable and useful CIRAL historic information Being used by a current class for a group project

Issues and Challenges Profiles section both on the Wiki and Public Sphere sites Pages with a framework for future use were created, but never used Organization of the main page confusing

Ideas for Improvement Decide which site profiles are to be posted to. Edit the other profile section to indicate it is no longer being used with a link to the correct place to post profiles. Eliminate pages that a framework was created for, but were never used Organize the main page in a coherent manner

Public Sphere Project

Overview and Current Content This website has information about various projects associated with the Public Sphere Project. It has pages about eLiberate and Liberating Voices. This website also allows logins to be created for users to view and/or create certain content. Why it is Necessary

Issues and Challenges A very large portion of the links on this website are broken Using this website to both showcase CIRAL to the world, and for internal class usage such as activity reports, student profiles, and other course related documents could make the site less appealing to the public and present privacy risks. The blog that serves as the existing CIRAL Repository is not as impressive looking as it should be. It is somewhat hidden because it is toward the bottom of the homepage. There seems to be issues with how user accounts are handled. Spam account registrations are a major problem. The New Community Network pages have a different style than the rest of the website It is unclear how CIRAL fits into the broader Public Sphere Project and its website Navigation of the site is difficult to impossible (for example, when logged in there is a link to add a CIRAL Participant Profile, but no link to view published profiles)

Ideas for Improvement

CIRAL Facebook Group

Overview and Current Content This uses the Facebook Groups (rather than a Facebook Page). This group can only be viewed by people with a Facebook account. There are currently some photos that are visible to the public. Members of the group must request a membership and get it approved. Members of the group can view the groups wall, which currently has several posts.

Why it is Necessary

Issues and Challenges Current admin isn’t approving new members. (resolved on 4/21) There are only 22 members total and it seems that few of them are currently in CIRAL Very little content. The photos could use some organization There are some interesting posts from CIRAL students, but the posts could potentially get more views if they were posted to a Moodle forum.

Ideas for Improvement Suggest making Doug an admin (resolved on 4/21)

CIRAL Email Listserv

Overview and Current Content

Why it is Necessary

Issues and Challenges

Ideas for Improvement

CIRAL Gmail Account

Overview and Current Content

Why it is Necessary

Issues and Challenges

Ideas for Improvement

Personal Email Accounts

Overview and Current Content

Why it is Necessary

Issues and Challenges

Ideas for Improvement


Doug’s notes from 4/30/13

I think a brief description of what each host / system —particularly its strong points and weaknesses — should be added to the inventory. For example, a system / host description on the Facebook group section would mention that FB has 83 trillion users and that it’s fairly easy for non-CIRAL people to read and use it. (and, of course, it has drawbacks too — which would need to be discussed also. )

REQUIREMENTS A requirements document should help us prioritize our work. It doesn't have to be exhaustive. It's more important that it is recorded, visible, and evolvable.

We need to consider what processes do we need and which ones could we imagine ultimately needing? (e.g. scheduling, collaborative document development, etc. etc. )

The requirements should tell us what tasks need to be supported, what constraints and affordances exist, and who needs to do what in relation to the tasks. (Also it would be good to briefly describe the (likely) stakeholders or users (e.g. who needs to add a certain type of information, . (This is discussed in the handbook, roles section.)

It would be nice if the requirements were prioritized. Perhaps they could be summarized in a grid.

One possible requirement could look something like this: Anybody who is involved with CIRAL should be able to add their own profile. These should be visible to everybody who is involved with CIRAL.

ROLES (from Handbook) Possible roles include faculty members, community partners, advisors, or friends. People in these roles can take on other roles as well. For example, CIRAL members (students, usually) can assume other roles, such as member of a cluster, or liaison to Home Office or a community group.And these roles can take on other important distinctions. A faculty member, or example, may be a professor at another institution besides Evergreen.

OTHER You mention the CIRAL list serve ( but who’s the admin and who’s on this?! I fear that it’s way out of date. The question here is what list serves do we need (e.g. one for each cluster) and where do we go for this service for free. Also the service needs to be easily administered.

CIRAL gmail account, goes where?!?!?! To me? Maybe!

BTW, I think that any Evergreen student or faculty member can post to the Wiki.

There are related matters in the Handbook. See Roles, Processes, and Templates. (although some of these may be in the Handbook appendixes and you probably don’t have those — let me know if you need them.)