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Headquarters in Taos, New Mexico


With population explosion, climate change, and our dwindling resources; it is as important as ever to focus on sustainable housing design. That is what Michael Reynolds has set out to accomplish over the last forty years. He has developed thru trial and error housing plans which are completely self-sufficient. These homes produce their own electricity, create their own heating and cooling, capture and harvest their own water, maintain their own sewage treatment, have food production, and are made entirely of recycled materials. Earthships could be the answer to some of our looming problems. These homes are affordable, long lasting and popping up all over the world.


Michael has run into some legality throughout his career, but has still remained successful thru determination. He has adapted and continues to be successful at what he does because he can see the larger picture, the opportunity for everyone to live a carbon neutral lifestyle while preserving our planet for future generations.


After Michael graduated from college in 1969, he was on a mission to build sustainable housing. He started this movement all by himself and eventually got his friends involved. From there it just took off, and people from all over the country and eventually the world were coming to Taos to marvel at the earthships. Today they offer classes to individuals who wish to learn how to build earthships, and also sell building plans of successful home designs.


This intelligent form of building has striked the interest of all kinds, especially those living in underdeveloped countries without many natural resources. Michael and his gang have been to Spain, India, England, Guatemala, Scotland and this year will be building in Africa. They are teaching locals how to build sustainability, which hopefully will take off like a wild fire all around the world.


Earthships are an example of carbon neutral living and innovation. Michael has been thinking civically intelligent when designing these fully sustainable homes. He has helped save trees, preserves valuable water, and has helped keep fossil fuels out of the atmosphere. If more people were to think more civically intelligent we would be able to hopefully reverse global warming and save the planet we live on.

Products and Projects

Michael continues to spread the word of sustainable living while traveling to other country’s to educate others. He has been able to dedicate land in New Mexico for further testing and discoveries in sustainable living, and continues to be a figure of inspiration for those hoping to lessen their carbon footprint. Michael has started a school for Earthship Biotecture, where individuals can earn a degree in Earthship design.


There is a website where you can purchase books and different information pertaining to building and maintaining an earthship. You can visit their website at to obtain more information.


As we continue to strip our natural resources it is important to teach the principles of sustainability to our future generations. This can be achieved by leading thru example and encouraging everyone to do their part in preserving resources. As we continue to learn more about systems, it is evident that an earthship is a system. It will house us, keep us warm in the winter, and keep us cool in the summer, supply our water and sewer and food. We as a species will need more sustainable options available to us as in the future we will not have many other options. As Michael Reynolds said “housing must return to the group of the individual”.

Five identifiable patterns

The Good Life (3) The individuals who can see the potential in Earthships are hoping for a better life. There is a shared vision of what the world could look like, as well what it takes to get to that point.

Social Responsibility (8) As a collective, we have the responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations. As individuals, we need to work together responsibly to fix the problems that we face today.

Dematerialization (18) Earthships are built with recycled material; tires, plastic and glass bottles, cans and any other miscellaneous products they can find at the local garbage dump. Michael Reynolds is focusing his building strategy in repurposing our man-made materials so they can once again be used.

Sustainable Design (22) With biotecture, we can create sustainable homes while putting no impact on the planet.

Earth’s Vital Signs (26) Thru sustainable housing systems we can limit the amount of pollution we are putting on our planet. We are better apt to recognize the earths health when we are not contributing to its destruction.