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One of our class projects is to develop a game that will help educate its players about Civic Intelligence.


  1. Use patterns
  2. Should advance civic intelligence
  3. Connection to "real world"
  4. Publish rules online
  5. Play on May 28th


  • Challenge orthodoxy
  • Present alternatives
  • Observe utopia
  • Use teamwork/promote collaboration
  • Rewards for good behavior
  • Consequences for actions
  • raise awareness of civic intelligence
  • Inhabiting a role
  • C.I. As byproduct of game

Design Teams

Our Class broke into five(?) design teams each developing a different type of game. You can see their work below.

Civic Intelligence RPG

"Team Awesome" (how is this not a great name?) is interested in designing a role playing game. Some of the examples mentioned were:

In our first brainstorming session we envisioned some of the elements of the game we might design:

  • Character Sheets - a number of different roles within a community. Each character could have
    • Atributes
    • Personal Goals
    • Flavor Text
  • Scenarios - these would drive the game by giving the characters something to work towards
    • each scenario might have multiple phases
    • each phase could impose a limited number of turns to be completed in
  • Other game elements
    • Resources
    • Influence

We agreed to meet an hour before class next Wednesday to play Mansions of Madness