Learning Modules

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This is a list of learning modules that can be used in programs or classes that are related to civic intelligence.

This list — and the information in the modules — are evolving. Some of the ideas are more fleshed out than others. That's OK.

Please add ideas for new modules or content to the individual modules! It doesn't matter if what you add is incomplete or imperfect! Be Bold and Proceed! (As Samuel Mockbee recommends....)

Please use this template when adding new learning modules. (And please alphabetize the entries.)

Advertising and Copywriting (Ally and/or others)

Advocacy Through Social Media (Clint and/or others)

Alternative Economic Systems

Citizen Journalism

Citizen Science

Civic Intelligence Case Studies

Collective Action and Social Change


Community and Social Networking

Conservancy Design (Prateek and/or others)

The Commons (John and/or others)

Critical Theory

Democracy as Problem Solving


Experimental Education


Music and Social Change

Non-Violent Communication

Participatory Action Research

Pattern Languages

Restorative Justice

Roots of Civic Intelligence (Doug and/or others)

Serious Games

Social Capital

Social Theory

Sociology of Knowledge


Also see Home Office Learning Modules