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Civic Intelligence Games

How does developing games related to civic intelligence help teach and propagate civic intelligence?

By developing games related to civic intelligence this gives an individual the ability to form mental and analytical experience to understanding what civic intelligence is. In return they are able to teach others about civic intelligence through their conclusive research.

What works for teaching and learning civic intelligence?

The best way to teach is to lead by example.

  One way is to review and research organizations that deal in Civic Intelligence. How do these organizations work to better not just humankind but the world around us? Also, I think doing hands-on work with a Civic organization would be a great tool. Teaching and learning through hands on experiences, like the civic intelligence games.

What doesn't work for teaching and learning civic intelligence?

  Sitting down and just reading material does not teach enough about Civic Intelligence. This will only give a person a small idea about Civic Intelligence. Just talking and reading about what civic intelligence is doesn't work. Giving examples of what it is helpful to an extent, but it doesn't help someone fully grasp the concept of civic intelligence importance.