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About Me

"Don’t let the uncertainties of tomorrow effect the integrity of your actions today.

I work for the State department of Agriculture surveying the Puget sound. I am very passionate, ambitious and motivated (although I’m also a little ADHD and sometimes go off on tangents). I have been told that I inspire people. It is important to me that I continue to expand my mind and grow as a person. In the end, as long as my heart is pure and my actions follow, I don't see how I can go wrong.

I love playing sports of all kinds and listening to music (anything with a good beat or good lyrics, oldies and classical make the grade unequivocally). Someday I would love to teach philosophy, sociology or political science but what must come first is a life filled with adventure and experiences to draw wisdom from. I am the Thurston county coordinator for Campaign for Liberty as well as Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential campaign. I am the founder of a non-profit organization and an elected representative.

I have lived my life as a sociological experiment. I seek new perspectives and viewpoints which often disrupts the comfort bubble of those who choose more insulated paths. I tend to work outside the parameters of normality and refuse to accept unchallenged philosophies. I am socially eccentric and have been called a transformer. I am a natural athlete, jock, prep, republican, conservative, nerd, progressive, rebel, revolutionist, skater, punk rocker, alternative, entrepreneur and philosopher. All of which remind me of Colbert’s comment regarding Ron Paul,” You are an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery.”

While pondering the infinite possibilities of the universe and agonizing over immense variables of complex symbiotic relationships, life's simplicities evade me. To better describe my thought process, imagine a cross between The Butterfly Effect, The Matrix and Good Will Hunting.

As I play with different philosophies I tend to drift far from the current governmental, social, and economic realities. Difficulties often arise for me in regards to conforming to common procedures in a system that I do not intellectually or emotionally embrace. What maybe simple to you is nothing short of a perplexing quandary to me. Upon analyzation of the social order and primitive behavior, I have concluded the vindictive nature of mankind is diametrically opposed to the less natural and more logical soundness doctrine.*

  • {Soundness doctrine} To achieve maximum understanding, technological advancements and the highest quality of living, driven by self actualization."


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