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====Contributors  to  a Wiki Page====
====Contributors  to  a Wiki Page====
* ability to build on each others' comments (similar to Seminar Group)
* ability to build on each other's comments (similar to Seminar Group)
====Distributed Research and Action Network====
====Distributed Research and Action Network====

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Here we are focusing on collective — not civic — intelligence.

Everybody should contribute at least one type of collectivity to this page. Everybody should add three or more attributes to any of the listed collectivities that you believe might help make that collectivity intelligent. I've listed a few examples of each. Don't worry if you're not certain about what you write here — these are just hypotheses! BTW, you can also add attributes that think might not be relevant (see below)

Small groups (according to Woolley et al)

  • social sensitivity
  • number of females in group

Factors not associated with intelligence of small groups

  • group cohesion

Married Couple (or equivalent)

  • ability to discuss things calmly and come to conclusions
  • ability to empathize with each others' emotions so as to understand their needs

Basketball Team

  • knowledge of each other's skills
  • ability to read each other's signals and react quickly
  • good all around skills

Seminar Group

  • ability to build on each other's comments —and slow hunches

Occupy Wall Street groups

Contributors to a Wiki Page

  • ability to build on each other's comments (similar to Seminar Group)

Distributed Research and Action Network

School District in Economically Disadvantaged Location


Ultimately we could use these to help us actually measure collective intelligence.