Measures for Collective Intelligence

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Here we are focusing on collective — not civic — intelligence.

Everybody should propose at least one type of collectivity and three or more attributes that help make that collectivity intelligent. I've listed a few exampled of each. Don't worry if you're not certain — these are hypotheses!

Groups (according to Woolley et al)

  • social sensitivity
  • number of females in group

Factors not associated with intelligence

  • group cohesion

Married Couple (or equivalent)

  • ability to discuss things calmly and come to a conclusion

Basketball Team

  • knowledge of each other's skills
  • ability to read each other's signals and react quickly
  • good all around skills

Seminar Group

  • ability to build on each other's comments —and slow hunches

Occupy Wall Street groups

Distributed Research and Action Network

School District in Economically Disadvantaged Location