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Why am I interested in Civic Intelligence?

  • Firstly as a future buisness owner, I want to know the best means to interact with my community, not just occupy it. It is important to me that I have a relationship with the people that I come to support and that come to support me
  • Secondly, I find it important as an individual to do what I can to educate and expand myself so that I can be of use to my community.

What do I want to accomplish in this program?

  • I want to learn what civic intelligence is, and I want to know how to teach others about it.

What things might I want to pursue with the game project?

  • Our group is developing a game that allows players to take on the roll of other members of their community.

   food bank
   develop community garden
   childcare collective
   Car sharring 

Found a Gleaners Society

"Gleaners,"traditionally, is a term used in agricultural circles used to identify the people who come in after harvests and take the dregs of the process for their own. Repurposed, today, the term has come to be a positive word that represents a culture of urban recyclers and artists cities world wide.

Test organization/planning skill and accumulate 3 successes Test Communication/Leadership and accumulate 5 successes

Test Community Currency and accumulate 4 successes

Active for 3 turns

If Completed:

All players receive +1 to Community Currency rolls

If Failed:

Move Doomsday Clock 5 minute towards midnight at the end of each turn