November 5 2011

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Topics Discussed: (We can extract and develop ideas from these minutes)

Questions for Allen this coming Wednesday: 11/9/11

  • How can we make CIRAL happen?
  • What has already been done? (lesson plans, etc.)
  • What can we improve on?
  • What sort of constraints that could inhibit CIRAL have we overlooked, and what can we do to prepare for these obstacles?
  • Questions on the wiki are mostly still valid as well.

Tasks to complete for 11/911

  • Flush out Course Projects
  • Provide feedback for Micheal's outline/powerpoint on Google Groups
  • Generate questions for Allen

CIRAL 'citizen training' as an introductory research topic

  • Wiki training/interaction/familiarity
  • Editing shared documents
  • Introducing students to new perspectives and roles
  • Building leadership skills during meetings
    • Group reflection of simulations/experiments
    • Group Dynamics
    • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Implementing a process prior to projects to develop each others ideas and get people thinking as a group.
  • Embracing CIRAL's openness to all disciplines at Evergreen

Recursive pilot program for the Core Model and for community development

  • Group investigation of the public
  • Survey local organizations
  • Identify mutually beneficial possibilities that could catalyze civic intelligence
  • Establish a covenant to set ground rules
  • Start by engaging the Evergreen community
  • Frame it as an exploratory project
  • Build knowledge base and skill sets
  • Learn by doing; practice then theory; action then documentation; dive into water then assess success.
  • But first fill hole in knowledge with Core Class skill-building and Civic Training; fieldwork vs. think-tank.

Where to go next?

  • Practice then theorize; group games followed by meta-cognition seminars
  • Incorporate the scientific method aspect of civic intelligence
    • Observe
    • Theorize
    • Test
    • Analyze
      • Documenting progress/journal entries on the wiki
      • Stream of questions/ideas for group discussion of journal entries
      • Journal requirements on developing an understanding of civic intelligence
      • More things mandatory vs. self motivation
      • Active rebellion as a valuable role
      • Learning is the reward
      • Free-writing exercises

Keeping up on the wiki

  • Projects could be more flushed out
    • Identify scale, scope, and developments (elaborate further)
    • Everyone add to the 5 course projects
  • Produce a model for CIRAL during talk with Allen

Community Building

  • Gathering info and sharing/interacting
  • Apply that knowledge-base to a project
  • Refer incoming CIRAL students who are new to independent projects to the Academic Advising Center

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Consider the implications of projects developing into long-term plans; CIRAL's organizational development and function
  • Description Model Handout; map CIRAL onto the 'see me' diagram/framework
  • Add in-class thoughts to personal profiles
  • Implementation portion is underdeveloped
  • Work with tangible components for hypothetical models
  • Everyone should contribute to the asset map
  • Investigate Jeremiah's PDF links
    • Potential for Wikipedia-type book-form extraction

Additional Notes/Contributions

  • Consensus reached: 8crd evening/weekend program with the possibility of an additional 4crd course
    • Potential for faculty signature on the 4crd
    • We can still add details to 16crd archetypes
  • Erika's student organization lists are open to revisions
    • She has posted an outline to apply for non-profit partnerships
  • Jeremiah suggested that we outline activities for the class for the 1st two weeks
    • Team building/trust building exercises- table arrangement; meta-cognition; planning.
    • Group Games- embracing games as a safe environment to learn from mistakes
    • Rotate group facilitators
  • Brandon will post relevant TedTalk links
  • Brandon could debrief us about the workshop he attended with Ellen from CCBLA
    • What are the skill sets for working around differences between multiple organizations that wish to collaborate/form networks?
    • What is the criteria for students to be eligible to work with various organizations?
    • Ideas for an organization that bridges the gap between the academic community and the local community?
  • Galen suggested a 'mirror institution' at Evergreen where students instruct the public for free.
  • Brian claims that his input is usually satirical
  • Social Cognition: MAPS organization for hallucinogenic therapy