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1. Bring new folks up to speed and integrate into existing projects

  • Use more workshops early on
  • Include welcome/explanatory letter
  • Handbook with explanations and FAQ
  • Include previous projects to inform further work
  • Urgent needs list, acknowledging spec. jobs and identifying personal strengths amongst the class.

2. Maintain momentum on existing projects and help inform the formation of new ones

3. Use existing projects to inform CIRAL development (explore grant funding, perhaps? Or project funding pools)

  • Document challenges, could use as a case study for informing project development.
  • Keep info on useful skills, tools and individual assets

4. Work Flows

  • Develop project definitions and time lines for community work
  • How do we frame and develop our mission and projects in a civically intelligent way?

5. Resources

  • Identify stakeholders

6. Define three projects

7. Discuss possible projects with community groups-as appropriate

8. Develop a marketing plan, of sorts.

9. Research

10. Developing similar organizational structures across groups