October 26 2011

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Topics Discussed:

  • CIRAL Status updates
  • Review of previous week's self-delegation of roles
  • Agenda items
  • Galen's timeline/prioritizing tasks
  • Research component to seek past contract/project records from academic deans and possibly the Writing Center
  • Setup of a forum for "off the record" discussions
    • Brandon has offered to set up a Google Group
    • Forum Activity: all have agreed to contribute to this forum before class next Wednesday
  • Asset Mapping: everyone shall contribute their skills
    • Class Asset Map has been established at the bottom of the CIRAL page under metacognition
  • Training programs for future facilitators/staff
  • Gary's 5 requirements for preparation of CIRAL presentation to the Dean of evening and weekend studies
    • Core Cirriculum
    • Evaluation criteria
    • Structure of Core Class
    • Defined hours of expected work
    • ???
  • Possibly Invite the Dean to attend a scheduled class time where we could present CIRAL
  • Gary has offered to post links to pertinant sections of the Faculty Handbook
  • Doug has considered asking Ellen to attend our class for either week 6 or 7
  • Gary has suggested that we embrace the importance of multimodels
  • Reevaluate the 4crd moldel to become an 8crd model
  • Micheal read his course description draft for the catalog
    • Comments/Suggestions are encouraged
    • It was suggested that "civic intelligence" should be of greater emphasis
  • Identify 5 projects designed as examples that can interface with the skills that we build in the core class
    • Also identify/research partnership oragnizations
  • Write a guide to structure the project developments and introduce individual contract applications
    • Provide ideas for how to create projects by implementing metacognition exercises
    • Focus on how to form a lasting bond with a community and determine what services one can offer
  • Find past fragments of collective efforts towards civic intelligence and compile them into a current handbook
  • Triangle model: what did you learn, how did you learn it, and why is it important?
  • Start a pool of pertinant texts that could be accessed by CIRAL participants/faculty
  • Document our failures as they may be successful in other situations
    • Develop methodologies by performing quick small group workshops/activities/exercises to identify what kind of group work exemplifies and fosters civic intelligence