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About Me

Hello, I am a Sophomore at Evergreen. I am a film enthusiast, particularly those that are documentaries as in my eyes they are the fuel to my passions. I am deeply concerned with ecological issues and find that good team work, as well as individual accounts, can lead to amazing triumphs. I'm not the brightest bulb in the bunch but if my will could arm wrestle your will, you'd be hard pressed to beat me. Although I'm not experienced in "the ways of the world," aka I've never left the northwest and therefore have a very small spectrum of life, you'll never find me with a closed mind. Excepting tea, nothing in this world or others beyond could ever be as delicious as chai tea. I haven't recently been involved as much as I'd like to be with NGO's so I'm hoping this class will open a lot of doors. Thanks.


art, social movements, urban planning, education...

Thoughts on Learning Objectives

Issues I'm interested in

food systems, education, economic inequity, veterans issues, etc.