Pattern Language Seeds and Suggestions

From civicintelligence

Pattern Language Seeds:

This document is where members of the CIRAL Pattern Language Cluster can post their ideas for a pattern (in a concise way--just the title or short synopsis or topic)....

Power of Personal Storytelling - in process

Peer-to-Peer Systems - open

Socially Conscious Rap/Hip-Hop - complete

Political Comedy/Comedians/Satire as truth telling - in process

All others are suggestions (challenges) for creation.

from Darkness into Light (a pattern for reframing challenges as strengths, strength in vulnerability, etc)

Honoring Death as a Community

Room for Sadness

Asset-Based Community Development


Interdisciplinary Institutions

Schools Linked to Community Work (service learning)

Person-first Language/Anti-labels

Transparent Advertisement

Privilege Work in Early Education

Applied Design

Self and Personalization

Shared/Group Trust