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In order to use this template please click here and copy and paste the infomation into your pattern.

NEW TEMPLATE: This is the current template as of Wed 5/15/13. Please use this as the format for all patterns.




This is where you describe the pattern in brief terms.

You may give an overview of the context for the pattern (where does this take place, is it cultural, societal, environmental, or other?) and what the pattern does to its culture or society or what effects it has (or may have).

Try not to go into detail here too much—details about the pattern’s effects and context can be put in the “How it Works” section or the “Evidence” section.

Citations here are helpful but not always necessary, unless describing something very specific—and in this case consider placing it in the “How it Works” or “Evidence” sections.

How it Works

Here is where you describe how the pattern functions and what things have to be in place for it to perpetuate.

Things in this section that reference specific practices by identifiable peoples, organizations, etc. should be referenced and cited. This is something we did not do very well in the beginning of this project and it is something that we think needs to happen for the project to be taken as seriously as it deserves to be. This is a work in progress. Citations should look like this-->[1] You can click on the "edit" button for this page to see what this looks like so you can replicate it.

It’s probably best not to state things without citations but if you must state something that you needs a citation but you don’t have one at the time, please put (citation needed) in the place where you would have placed the citation so that others can see that a citation is at least intended to be there.

Some questions to help with this section: “How does this pattern spread, and how does it stick around (What keeps it from dying out)?” “Is this pattern used purposefully, and if so, by whom?” “What are the unintended or undesirable outcomes of this pattern?” And obviously, “How does this pattern work?”


This section is where you can put specific real life examples of the pattern with a brief description. These require a citation or a link to the evidence.


In February of 2014 a judge ordered a teen who killed 4 people while drunk driving to rehab instead of jail time after a witness claimed that the teen suffered from, “Affluenza,”:


Here is where you show which other anti-patterns relate and interact with the pattern you are writing about. Include a link to the pattern and a brief description of how the pattern relates (backing up your claim).

Environmental Degradation is linked to this pattern in that consumerism is a major cause of Environmental Degradation in that it uses vast amounts of environmental resources and creates vast amounts of waste for the environment.


This is where you place any references and citations that you use in the text for the pattern, as well as any general references to the pattern at large. The way we are formatting them now is: General references first, citations second.


  1. THIS EXAMPLE IS AN MLA CITATION OF A JOURNAL ARTICLE WRITTEN BY ONE AUTHOR WITH THE TEXT BEING REFERENCED APPEARING ON PG. 306-607. HERE IS THE CITATION: Lastname, Firstname. "Title of the Journal Article." Journal Name 29.3 (1997): 303-335. Pg. 306-307.


OLD TEMPLATE: This page can serve as a template for the anti-patterns. Note that the "slots" listed here aren't necessarily the ones that will be ultimately used.


pattern status (complete, proposed, in-work, merged into ________, not included)





abstract (which reflects evolving understanding of pattern)

tags or keywords


process (i.e. how the pattern works)

who or what uses the pattern and what are the effects?

area of focus (level?)





external context

This has to do with when this pattern could be useful and who might use.

related patterns (internal context)

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