Research Project or Program

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  • Patterns to Patterns

Round One Wonderful: Working Class Consciousness (picked), Spiritually Grounded Activism, Transforming Institutions

Round Two Refreshing: Retreat and Reflection (picked), Informal Learning Groups, Open Source Everything

Round Three Equitable: Equal Access to Justice (picked), Indicators, World Citizen Parliament

Round Four Thought-Provoking: Homemade Media (picked), Control of Self-Representation, Shared Vision,

Round Five Unrealistic: Wholesome Design for Wicked Problems (picked), Durable Assets, Culturally Situated Design Tools

  • Research Project or Program Patterns: Working Class Consciousness, Homemade Media, Retreat and Reflection

  • Mission Statement:

To facilitate education and communication among working people to create an active force for change in the global marketplace.

Students: Arnold, Eric, Mattea, Max