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Hello everyone my name is Sean, I've lived in Olympia my whole life and am currently 21 years old. I love the outdoors my favorite hobbies include camping, hiking and fishing. I have always had respect for the outdoors and environment, the importance of its health has always been very clear to me. That is the main reason why I'm participating in this civic intelligence class. I hope to help protect the environment through spreading awareness of its degradation. I will be contributing information to the wiki on the importance of alternative energy as well as a successful model of collective action that should provide a foundation for action toward fixing what is, in my opinion, the most important issue's in the world today. The issues that I find most important and will be focusing on are as follows...

Preventing further degradation of the ozone and environment for the prolonged existence and evolution of the human race.

Spreading awareness of the potential power social resources have, such as Facebook, twitter, you-tube, ect. In positively affecting environmental globalization. Example of power of Social resources, awareness is the first step. ( This example shows how powerful information shared on social resources can be. Over 70 million views from all over the world...