Semantic Manipulation

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(1) Description of the pattern

Just a thought, Semantic Manipulation could be looked at as a person or a body of people or any organizations that represents special interest, bending or distorting rules, laws or guidelines for the sake of profit or power.

(2) Why the pattern is good (i.e. bad)

To rename or reliable an act or object for the purpose of acquiring different results, outcomes or perspectives can be classified as Semantic Manipulation. The distortion of the original semantics can be motivated by wealth, power or to maintain the status quo within an organization that is reluctant to change. Like wise, Sematic Manipulation can be used to provide you with false information within media and especially pseudoscience. in doing so,Sematic Manipulation can not only be used to maintain a certain course within a system, but can also be used to influence it into a different direction.

(3) How it Works