Tasks List

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Current Tasks

  • Familiarize yourself with the results and format of Yin Yu's 2010 survey
  • Create a new study based on the existing model.
  • Spread the word to generate the maximum response from the homeless student body.
  • Find and interview homeless students at Evergreen to create an anecdotal report.
  • Add your contact information here.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Identify local allies within the community
  • Centralize communication between agencies and groups
  • Strengthen community networks through active communication and participation
  • Advocate for the welfare of children and victims of domestic violence
  • Network the acquisition and distribution of cold weather gear to people in need
  • Prepare for and participate in the annual Homeless Census
  • Strengthen existing documents (such as the 2012 Homeless Census Report) through statistical and other analysis
  • Create new documents
  • Support CIRAL and the Public Sphere Project