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Creative thinking is essential for self-realization, and for providing sustainable solutions to the myriad problems of our increasingly complex global society. Three main factors prevent Thinking Communities from developing: lack of suitable locations for "semi-solitary" deep thought, lack of affordable communications infrastructure for such communities to develop, and too many social, professional and financial constraints preventing people from breaking out regularly for a sufficient period of time. Thinking Communities supports creative individuals and small groups with a pressing need for finding the time and concentration to work on major projects. Thinking Communities would help them to connect with individuals and organizations interested in providing affordable thinking facilities, and then to design and build appropriate Thinking Communities. These communities would allow their members to concentrate deeply, while also allowing them to meet peers who are working on their own projects. A finely meshed, worldwide network needs to be created that links affordable locations where people can concentrate and work on individual — as well as collective — creative projects. The web can be used to provide the communications infrastructure to develop the concepts of Thinking Communities and match supply and demand of thinking locations.

Text: Aldo de Moor