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My country is best


This is the belief that your country of choice is bar none, hands down, the best country in the world. No other country comes close and your countries interests are more important that all other countries interests...combined. When an individual (or nation) has this type of hold on the people, things run smooth- there is also very little questioning.

This could include the act of using nationalism to rally and sway the perceptions one's country (or group of people) by designating an enemy. This is typically a diversionary tactic in order to take away unwanted attention and or to win popularity. This method aids in creating tunnel vision as well as granting a sense of solidarity to those involved.

How it works

Endless promotion and advertising should be invoved to make it clear that it is honerable and desireable to belive in your country above all others. If your subjects are religous It should be insinuated or outright stated that thier God has somehow blessed the country and gave it to it's people. If you can make people believe that your particular country is endorsed by the divine this is very powerful. People want to belong and be accepted. People also want to be on the right side of things and believe that they deserve better. These basic human needs and desires make ultra-nationalism work, as it can be used to maek people see themselves as part of a country.


9/11's events has created one of the biggest examples of Ultra-nationalism in history thus far. The PATRIOT act came into full affect shortly after- something that the American society, otherwise, would have said no to- a direct result of Ultra-nationalism.


Denialism,Cultural imperialism


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