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==== Description of the pattern====
==== Description of the pattern====

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Description of the pattern

Ignorance of one's plot in life- by way of not realizing where one is in comparison to others (countries, people, monetary value, etc.).

Why the pattern is good (i.e. bad)

One does not have to waste time on the responsibilities of being aware of their privilege of existence. If there is no demand to acknowledge anything beyond what is provided to us, especially if we have more than what we need, then there is no need to be mindful of how we are and what we do with, such, privileges in life.

How it Works

Behaving or speaking without any regard of audience and environment around you- when dealing with topics safety, wealth, power, freedom, and etc. in which there are a plethora of situations.


White Genocide This could be used as an example?

Linked patterns

Social Apathy, Denialism