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(Patterns Chosen)
(Top Three Selected)
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<li type=circle>'''''Patient Access to Medical Information'''''
<li type=circle>'''''Future Design'''''
<li type=circle>'''''Earths Vital Signs'''''
<li type=circle>'''''Engaged Tourism'''''
<li type=circle>'''''Community Networks'''''
<li type=circle>'''''Activist Road Trip'''''

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Patterns Chosen

Patterns/ Apples to Apples

Rounds 1-5 (Chosen Patterns)

  • Future Design (Adjective: Hip)
  • Sense of Struggle (Adjective: Upsetting)
  • Activist Road Trip (Adjective: Parochial)
  • Public Domain Characters (Adjective: Common-Place)
  • Engaged Tourism (Adjective: Mind Blowing)

Top Three Selected

  • Future Design
  • Engaged Tourism
  • Activist Road Trip


An experiment to research medical issues caused by the environment and creating a network to distribute this information.

Mission Statement

Create awareness of medical issues created by the environment.


Asa, Robert, Jennifer, Cory, Kyle