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Patterns Chosen

Patterns/ Apples to Apples

Rounds 1-5 (Chosen Patterns)

  • Future Design (Adjective: Hip)
  • Sense of Struggle (Adjective: Upsetting)
  • Activist Road Trip (Adjective: Parochial)
  • Public Domain Characters (Adjective: Common-Place)
  • Engaged Tourism (Adjective: Mind Blowing)

Top Three Selected

  • Future Design
  • Engaged Tourism
  • Activist Road Trip


Travel the world using technology without costly setbacks. Destinations of the tour will highlight local struggles.

Mission Statement

Educate the masses on social issues without harming the environment through virtual tourism. Promote awareness with the hope of alleviating future environmental degradation.


Asa, Robert, Jennifer, Cory, Kyle