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          Information Office / Music Instrument Checkout / Costume Shop / Scene Shop / Box Office

                                                       Vision Statement

        The goals of the Performing and Media Arts curriculum can best be summarized as to develop students' imagination, sensitivity, theoretical background, historical and cultural awareness, as well as critical and creative skills. In the long run, the study of the Performing and Media Arts will help students work toward becoming well-rounded artists and citizens, ready to assume any role within the totality of the arts and to serve society with civic mindedness, engagement, depth of understanding and a sense of connection and responsibility in the world. The primary role of the Performing and Media Arts Staff, whether full time staff or students, is to provide support for the Performing and Media Arts faculty and students and their curricular projects. A second goal is to provide a vocational training program for students interested in acquiring practical skills in the technical, business and information services that are required to support the Performing and Media Arts curriculum and production projects.  

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