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Welcome to the Electronic Media Wiki.

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EM Info

Located in Library 1501, the MML is open for all currently enrolled students, staff and faculty who would like to create multimedia content for academic purposes. The MML offers resources for non-linear video editing, audio multi-tracking, 2-D animation, web design, graphical programming environments and 3-D modeling. The 24-hour Non-Linear Video Editing suites are also available and are configured the same as each station in the MML.

Proficiencies and Scheduling Time

To gain access to the lab and the nonlinear suites you must complete a proficiency workshop. Sign up for this at the Electronic Media front desk.

To schedule time you may call the Multimedia Lab directly at 360-867-5455 or the Electronic Media front desk at 360-867-6270. You may also schedule time in person.

Lab hours are posted on the MML website

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