Talk:Powerful Uses of Technology

From Investigations

Technology needs to enhance leaning, not distract!

“If it uses technology, technology needs to enhance learning.” By. Adam Wooten and Christina Vernon

In today’s classrooms, students and teachers have more access to different technological methods and devices to support their learning. It is important for educators to not only seek out and include these different tools in lessons but to do so in a fashion that is infused with the objectives and desired learning, not treating it as an independent part of the lesson. There are multiple formats of technology it is essential for educators to select the appropriate method that meets the desired content outcomes and objectives. One way to work toward this is through the combined development strategy of technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPACK). In this strategy it is noted, “by focusing first and primarily upon the content and nature of students curriculum-based learning activities, teacher’s TPACK is developed authentically rather than techno-centrically, as an integral aspect of instructional planning and implementation” (Harris and Hofer 2012). Some examples of this infused instruction includes having students use online databases to support their research, such as in a social studies class. Also, having students use recorders to conduct interviews, for a particular social studies focused project, is another such way where the technology is used to enhance learning- as students have the opportunity to engage and interact with sources. For future use, as educators we need to look to see if the technology included doesn’t take away from the desired learning objectives by overwhelming or distracting but instead provides opportunity for greater, enhanced learning.