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[[Image:IMG 1435.jpg]]
====Student Hiring====
[[Media Loan Staff IDs]]<br />
[[Job Descriptions]]<br />
[[2016-2017 Hiring]]<br />
== Media Loan's Function ==
====Procedures and Documentation====
[[:Category:Procedures|Operating Procedures]]<br>[[Workshop Guidelines]]
Media Loan circulates audio/video and photographic equipment to Evergreen students, faculty and staff. Staff at Media Loan are responsible for: <br>
[[Schedule Evergreen]]
1. Making every attempt to have equipment available to be checked out when it is needed. <br>
2. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing equipment. <br>
===Archived Operating Guides and Proficiency Tests===
3. Training and testing borrowers to certify their proficiency with the equipment. <br>
[[APS CP-16 Operating Guide]]
4. Complying with State and College regulations in administering access policies and priorities.<br>  
5. Determining who is to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost equipment. <br>
[[APS CP-16 Proficiency Test]]
6. Assessing late fines to make sure that equipment is available for all users.<br><br>
[[Canon Rebel XT / XSi Operating Guide]]
====Meeting Notes====
[[Staff Meetings|Staff Meetings Notes]]<br>
====Front Desk Tech Tools====
[[Web Checkout Emergencies]]<br>
[[Printer Not Printing]]<br>
==== Media Loan Permanent Staff Calendars ====
[[:category:ML Wiki Archive|Archive]]<br>
[[Student Staff|Procedures & Training]]<br>
[[:category:Policies|Media Loan Policies]]<br>
[[:category:catalog|Equipment Catalog]]<br>
[[:category:APS|Advanced Production Services]]<br>
[[:category:Audio Studio|Audio Studio]]<br>
[[Frequently Experienced Problems/Questions]]<br>
[[:category:facilities|Scheduling Facilities]]
[[:category:Student staff meeting |student staff meeting notes]]<br>
[[:category:Staff|Permanent Staff]]
[[Wiki Help]]
[[Wiki Help]]

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Student Hiring

Media Loan Staff IDs
Job Descriptions
2016-2017 Hiring

Procedures and Documentation

Operating Procedures
Workshop Guidelines

Schedule Evergreen

Archived Operating Guides and Proficiency Tests

APS CP-16 Operating Guide

APS CP-16 Proficiency Test

Canon Rebel XT / XSi Operating Guide

Meeting Notes

Staff Meetings Notes

Front Desk Tech Tools

Web Checkout Emergencies
Printer Not Printing

Media Loan Permanent Staff Calendars



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