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(Media Loan's Function)
(Media Loan's Function)
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[[Media Loan Policies]]<br>
[[Media Loan Policies]]<br>
[[Equipment Catalog]]<br>
[[Equipment Catalog]]<br>
[[Advanced Production Services]]<br>
[[aps|Advanced Production Services]]<br>
[[Audio Studio]]<br>
[[Audio Studio]]<br>

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Media Loan's Function

Media Loan circulates audio/video and photographic equipment to Evergreen students, faculty and staff. Staff at Media Loan are responsible for:
1. Making every attempt to have equipment available to be checked out when it is needed.
2. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing equipment.
3. Training and testing borrowers to certify their proficiency with the equipment.
4. Complying with State and College regulations in administering access policies and priorities.
5. Determining who is to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged or lost equipment.
6. Assessing late fees to make sure that equipment is available for all users.
Media Loan Policies
Equipment Catalog
Advanced Production Services
Audio Studio