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[[File:ARMA1.png|thumb|right|300px|''Armeria maritima'' <br/> Photo Credit Lisa Hintz]]
'''Abbreviation:''' ARMA
'''Abbreviation:''' ARMA

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Armeria maritima
Photo Credit Lisa Hintz


Abbreviation: ARMA

Seed sample from: 2011

Average Measurement: 4.9 x 1.2 x 1.2

Measurement Range: L: 4.3 – 5.5, W: 1 – 1.5, D: 1.1 – 1.4


Shape: Seeds narrow at hilum, widening at opposite apex to form a tube shaped opening with five ribs flaring out from the end of the seed. Inside tube structure is five lobed star shaped structure.

Color: Ribs brown, connected with a white transparent membrane. Star shaped structure is tan.

Surface: Seed is longitudinally ribbed, and has a slight sheen.

Latitudinal Cross Section: elliptical ARMA lat.png

Longitudinal Cross Section: obovate ARMA long.png