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[[File:BADE.png|thumb|right|300px|''Balsamorhiza deltoidea'' <br/> Photo Credit Lisa Hintz]]
'''Abbreviation:''' BADE
'''Abbreviation:''' BADE
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'''Longitudinal Cross Section:''' elliptical [[File:BADE long.png]]
'''Longitudinal Cross Section:''' elliptical [[File:BADE long.png]]

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Balsamorhiza deltoidea
Photo Credit Lisa Hintz


Abbreviation: BADE

Seed sample from: 2011

Average Measurement: 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.9

Measurement Range: L: 6.5 – 8.2, W: 1.6 – 4.5, D: 1.6 – 2


Shape: Seed shapes have lots of variation. Some squared off, and some three sided. Most seeds narrower at hilum than at opposite apex, but not always. Hilum wrinkled. Seeds have circular, white protrusion at apex opposite hilum.

Color: Seeds black, brown, or tan, with white or tan hilum.

Surface: Seeds have some longitudinal ribbing, and are smooth and matte.

Latitudinal Cross Section: some squared BADE lat sq.png, some triangular BADE lat tr.png

Longitudinal Cross Section: elliptical BADE long.png

Basic Explanations and Assumptions:

The dimensions for the seeds are length x width x depth. The location of the hilum is used as the base of the seed, and the length is measured from hilum to the opposite apex. Where a style is present, the length is measured from the hilum to the bottom of the style. Width is measured at a right angle to the length at the widest part. Depth is measured at a right angle to the intersection of height and width lines.

Measurements included are the mean average for each measurement of ten separate seeds.

All measurements in millimeters unless otherwise noted.