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[[File:Brodiaea coronaria.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Brodiaea coronaria]]
[[File:Brodiaea coronaria.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Brodiaea coronaria]]

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Abbreviation: BRCO

Seed sample from: 2009

Measurement: 1.9 x 1.1 x 1

Features: Seed taking a variety of shapes, mostly wide at the hilium and tapering to a point at the opposite end. Seed body puckered around hilium. Hilium reddish brown to dark brown. Seed black.

Seed longitudinally grooved very finely, and glossy.

Latitudinal Cross Section: elliptical BRCO-lat-cross.png

Longitudinal Cross Section:' obovate BRCO-long-cross.png

Brodiaea coronaria