Eriophyllum lanatum

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Scientific name Eriophyllum lanatum Common name Wooly Sunflower Family Asteraceae Species code ERLA

Lifespan Perennial

General: Perennial, white-woolly throughout, 1-6 dm. tall, usually several-stemmed from the base. Leaves: Leaves variable, 1-8 cm. long, entire to pinnatifid or ternate. Flowers: Heads solitary on long peduncles; involucre 6-12 mm. high, the bracts broad, erect and keeled; rays 8-13, yellow, 5-20 mm. long; disk flowers yellow; pappus a toothed crown, or a few chaffy scales. Fruit: Achenes slender, 4-angled.

Bloom Period


Common on both sides of the Cascades from British Columbia to California, east to Utah


Dry, open, often rocky areas at low to mid-elevations


Use Wildlife: Butterflies - attracts orange sulfur red admiral comma and skipper butterflies


Photo Gallery

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