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'''Surface:''' Seeds smooth and matte.
'''Surface:''' Seeds smooth and matte.
'''Latitudinal''' Cross Section: elliptical   
'''Latitudinal''' Cross Section: elliptical  [[File:LONU lat.png]]
'''Longitudinal''' Cross Section: elliptical
'''Longitudinal''' Cross Section: elliptical [[File:LONU long.png]]

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Abbreviation: LONU

Seed sample from: 2011

Average Measurement: 10.7 x 4.9 x 0.9

Measurement Range: L: 9 – 12.5, W: 4 – 5.75, D: 0.5 – 1.1


Shape: Seeds widely winged and schizoid. Hilum puckered.

Color: Wings and ribs off-white to tan. Hilum is darker. Outer seed face has light to dark brown center, bisected by three tan ribs that cross longitudinally from hilum to opposite apex. Inner seed face is bisected by one major rib, and then has darker brown stripes mixed with tan stripes.

Surface: Seeds smooth and matte.

Latitudinal Cross Section: elliptical LONU lat.png

Longitudinal Cross Section: elliptical LONU long.png