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[[File:Lomatium triternatum.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Lomatium triternatum]]
[[File:Lomatium triternatum.jpg|300px|thumb|right|''Lomatium triternatum'']]
'''Abbreviation:''' LOTR
'''Abbreviation:''' LOTR

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Lomatium triternatum

Abbreviation: LOTR

Seed sample from: 2011

Measurement: 9.5 x 3.3 x 1

Features: Seed a schizocarp, winged, laterally compressed, and ribbed. On one seed face, there are three white ribs that run across a dark reddish brown surface. On the opposite seed face there is one rib that bisects the dark brown.

Seeds are matte.

Latitudinal Cross Section: rhombic LOTR-lat-crosssection.png

Longitudinal Cross Section: elliptical LOTR-long-crosssection.png

Basic Explanations and Assumptions:

The dimensions for the seeds are length x width x depth. The location of the hilum is used as the base of the seed, and the length is measured from hilum to the opposite apex. Where a style is present, the length is measured from the hilum to the bottom of the style. Width is measured at a right angle to the length at the widest part. Depth is measured at a right angle to the intersection of height and width lines.

Measurements included are the mean average for each measurement of ten separate seeds.

All measurements in millimeters unless otherwise noted.