Plectritis congesta

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common names;Rosy plectritis, Sea blush, Shortspur seablush

==Desscription== General: Annual herbs, the stem usually simple, 1-6 dm. tall, the herbage nearly glabrous throughout. Leaves: Leaves opposite, distant, entire, 1-6 cm. long and 3-22 mm. wide, the lowermost ones spatulate or obovate and short-petiolate, the others oblong to elliptic and sessile. Flowers: Inflorescence congested, sub-capitate; calyx obsolete; corolla united, two-lipped, bright pink to white, 2-8 mm. long, with a well-developed, thick spur; stamens 3; ovary inferior, apparently 1-celled, since two of the 3 cells are sterile. Fruit: Fruit a dry carpel, 2-4 mm. long, the convex side keeled, with or without lateral wings.