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Micranthes integrifolia

Whole-leaf saxifrage

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A somewhat hairy perennial from a rhizome, the leafless flowering stems occur mostly singly, growing 10-30 cm tall. Leaves are all basal, the blades 2-5 cm long, narrowly rhombic to rhombic-ovate, narrowed gradually to broad petioles rarely as long. Leaves have prominent marginal hairs and are rusty-woolly on the lower surface. The inflorescence is a short, compact panicle, subtended by a leafy, rusty-woolly bracts. The calyx is broadly conic, the 5 lobes oblong-lanceolate, 1-2 mm. long and reflexed. Individual flowers have 5 white, obovate petals, 1.5-3 mm. long, at least half as broad as long. Stamens number 10 and are short, awl-shaped.

Bloom Period

Late March - July


West side of the Cascades, British Columbia to Lincoln County, Oregon, and in the Columbia River Gorge


Prairies, grassy slopes and vernally moist areas, sea level to subalpine



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