Template:Taxobox kingdom check

From quasar
TEMPLATE ERROR! The template hasn't recognised the kingdom you've assigned.

You should set the parameter | regnum = to one of the following:

  • [[Animal]]ia
  • [[Plant]]ae
  • [[Fungus|Fungi]]
  • [[Protist]]a
  • [[Bacteria]]
  • [[Archaea]]
  • [[Virus]]
  • [[incertae sedis]]

Visit WP:TX for more information on taxobox usage. To turn off this error message, use the code | no_error_message = true; please consider leaving a message here explaining why so we can make the template compatible.

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This template generates an error message if a kingdom is specified in {{taxobox}} which is not recognised by {{taxobox colour}}. This will usually mean that the kingdom has not been linked or spelt correctly. If the template provides an error message when it shouldn't, please leave a message on the talk page.