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(Craig and Steve send their salutations)
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=== <center>Craig and Steve send their salutations</center> ===
=== <center>Craig and Steve send their salutations</center> ===
=<center>[[Index|View Index]]</center>=
=<center>[[Index|View Index]]</center>=
====Network Information====
:[[WAP Info|WAP Info]]
:[[Flash Dat Wap|Flash Dat Wap]]
:[[Switch Info|Switch Info]]
====Internal Systems Information====
:Looks like you drew the proverbial short Ethernet cable, it's time to get working on [[The Elevator Machine]]!
====Procedures and Information====
:[http://wikis.evergreen.edu/resnet/index.php/House_Calls Dealing With Residents on House Calls: a list of best practices.]
:[http://wikis.evergreen.edu/resnet/index.php/Access_Trouble Student With Network Access Problems (Standard Operating Procedure)]
:[http://wikis.evergreen.edu/resnet/index.php/Mapping_Network_Drives How To Map a Network Drive]

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Craig and Steve send their salutations

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