Standard 3.A

From selfstudy


Student programs and services support the achievement of the institution’s mission and goals by contributing to the educational development of its students. Student programs and services are consistent with the educational philosophy of the institution. The institution provides essential support services for students, regardless of where or how enrolled and by whatever means educational programs are offered.

3.A.1 The organization of student services is effective in providing adequate services consistent with the mission and goals of the institution.

3.A.2 Student services and programs are staffed by qualified individuals whose academic preparation and/or experience are appropriate to their assignments. Assignments are clearly defined and published. The performance of personnel is regularly evaluated.

3.A.3 Appropriate policies and procedures for student development programs and services are established. The objectives of each operating component are compatible and support the goals of student services.

3.A.4 Human, physical, and financial resources for student services and programs are allocated on the basis of identified needs and are adequate to support the services and programs offered.