Standard 4.B

From selfstudy


Scholarship, including research and artistic creation, is inherent in the work of faculty and students and is integrated in mutually supportive ways with instructional activities, regardless of the size or nature of the institution.

  • Scholarship is systematic study of a chosen subject characterized by a high level of expertise, originality, critical analysis, significance, and demonstrability. Through scholarship, which may entail creation, application, synthesis, or transmission of knowledge, faculty acquire and sustain their expertise, thereby contributing to the validity and vitality of their teaching. Faculty scholarship is necessary to maintain effective instruction in all institutions of higher education. It also provides students the opportunity to observe and develop an understanding of scholarly activity.
  • Research is scholarly activity directed toward constructing and/or revising theories, and creating or applying knowledge. Although not limited to graduate/research institutions, research is an essential and integral part of graduate education where it serves two principal functions: (1) it advances the frontiers of knowledge which, when disseminated, contributes to the welfare of society and ensures the viability of content in an academic discipline; and (2) it educates students in the methods of inquiry and prepares them for careers as scholars, researchers, or practitioners.
  • Artistic creation is scholarly activity in the visual, performing, and literary arts that expresses original ideas, interpretations, imagination, thoughts, or feelings.

4.B.1 Consistent with institutional mission and goals, faculty are engaged in scholarship, research, and artistic creation.

4.B.2 Institutional policies and procedures, including ethical considerations, concerning scholarship, research, and artistic creation, are clearly communicated.

4.B.3 Consistent with institutional mission and goals, faculty have a substantive role in the development and administration of research policies and practices.

4.B.4 Consistent with its mission and goals, the institution provides appropriate financial, physical, administrative, and information resources for scholarship, research, and artistic creation.

4.B.5 The nature of the institution’s research mission and goals and its commitment to faculty scholarship, research, and artistic creation are reflected in the assignment of faculty responsibilities, the expectation and reward of faculty performance, and opportunities for faculty renewal through sabbatical leaves or other similar programs.

4.B.6 Sponsored research and programs funded by grants, contracts, and gifts are consistent with the institution’s mission and goals.

4.B.7 Faculty are accorded academic freedom to pursue scholarship, research, and artistic creation consistent with the institution’s mission and goals