Standard 8.A

From selfstudy


Sufficient physical resources, particularly instructional facilities, are designed, maintained, and managed (at both on- and off-campus sites) to achieve the institution’s mission and goals.

8.A.1 Instructional facilities are sufficient to achieve the institution’s mission and goals.

8.A.2 Facilities assigned to an instructional function are adequate for the effective operation of the function.

8.A.3 The institution’s facilities are furnished adequately for work, study, and research by students, faculty, and staff.

8.A.4 The management, maintenance, and operation of instructional facilities are adequate to ensure their continuing quality and safety necessary to support the educational programs and support services of the institution.

8.A.5 Facilities are constructed and maintained with due regard for health and safety and for access by the physically disabled.

8.A.6 When programs are offered off the primary campus, the physical facilities at these sites are appropriate to the programs offered.

8.A.7 When facilities owned and operated by other organizations or individuals are used by the institution for educational purposes, the facilities meet this standard.