Standard 1

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Standard 1.A Missions and Goals

Standard 1.B Planning and Effectiveness

Supporting Documentation for Standard One

Required Documentation:

  1. Official statement of the institutional mission: Indicate how and when it was developed, approved, and communicated to the institution’s constituencies.
  2. Evidence that demonstrates the analysis and appraisal of institutional outcomes. Examples may include:
    • annual goals and assessment of success in their accomplishments
    • studies of alumni and former students;
    • studies regarding effectiveness of programs and their graduates;
    • studies that indicate degree of success in placing graduates;
    • pre- and post-test comparisons of student knowledge, skills, and abilities; and
    • surveys of satisfaction - students, alumni, and employees.

Required Exhibits:

Institutional short term, strategic, or long term plans, including system master plans.

Suggested Materials: =

Planning studies, enrollments for the past five years, enrollment projections, program and personnel needs analyses, fund development plans, and other institutional research results.