Standard 1.A

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The institution’s mission and goals define the institution, including its educational activities, its student body, and its role within the higher education community. The evaluation proceeds from the institution’s own definition of its mission and goals. Such evaluation is to determine the extent to which the mission and goals are achieved and are consistent with the Commission’s Eligibility Requirements and standards for accreditation. 1.A.1 The institution’s mission and goals derive from, or are widely understood by, the campus community, are adopted by the governing board, and are periodically reexamined. 1.A.2 The mission, as adopted by the governing board, appears in appropriate institutional publications, including the catalog. 1.A.3 Progress in accomplishing the institution’s mission and goals is documented and made public. 1.A.4 Goals are determined consistent with the institution’s mission and its resources - human, physical, and financial. 1.A.5 The institution’s mission and goals give direction to all its educational activities, to its admission policies, selection of faculty, allocation of resources, and to planning. 1.A.6 Public service is consistent with the educational mission and goals of the institution. 1.A.7 The institution reviews with the Commission, contemplated changes that would alter its mission, autonomy, ownership or locus of control, or its intention to offer a degree at a higher level than is included in its present accreditation, or other changes in accordance with Policy A-2 Substantive Change.