Standard 2

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Standard 2.A General Requirements

Standard 2.B Educational Program Planning and Assessment

Standard 2.C Undergraduate Program

Standard 2.D Graduate Program

Standard 2.E Graduate Faculty and Related Resources

Standard 2.F Graduate Records and Academic Credit

Standard 2.G Off-Campus and Other Special Programs Providing Academic Credit

Standard 2.H Non-credit Programs and Courses

Policy 2.1 General Education/Related Instruction Requirements

Policy 2.2 Educational Assessment

Policy 2.3 Policy 2.3 Credit for Prior Experiential Learning

Policy 2.4 Study Abroad Programs

Policy 2.5 Transfer and Award of Academic Credit

Distance Delivery of Courses, Certificate, and Degree Programs

Supporting Documentation for Standard Two

Required Documentation:

Required Exhibits:

Suggested Materials

Graduate Program

Required Documentation

Required Exhibits

Continuing Education and Special Learning Activities

Required Documentation =

Required Exhibits =

  1. Official statement of the institutional mission: Indicate how and when it was developed, approved, and communicated to the institution’s constituencies.
  2. Evidence that demonstrates the analysis and appraisal of institutional outcomes. Examples may include:
    • annual goals and assessment of success in their accomplishments
    • studies of alumni and former students;
    • studies regarding effectiveness of programs and their graduates;
    • studies that indicate degree of success in placing graduates;
    • pre- and post-test comparisons of student knowledge, skills, and abilities; and
    • surveys of satisfaction - students, alumni, and employees.

Required Exhibits:

Institutional short term, strategic, or long term plans, including system master plans.

Suggested Materials:

Planning studies, enrollments for the past five years, enrollment projections, program and personnel needs analyses, fund development plans, and other institutional research results.