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The institution provides adequate facilities for library and information resources, equipment, and personnel. These resources, including collections, are readily available for use by the institution’s students, faculty, and staff on the primary campus and where required off-campus.
Library and information resources are readily accessible to all students and faculty. These resources and services are sufficient in quality, level, breadth, quantity, and currency to meet the requirements of the educational program.
LIR are broadly accessible across the curriculum in support of the interdisciplinary curriculum.
See  [[Supporting_Documentation_for_Standard_Five#Policies,_regulations,_and_procedures_for_the_development and_management_of_library_and_information_resources,_including_collection_development_and_weeding|Required Exhibit 2]]
Additional facilities support media and computing at Tacoma.
See [[Standard_5#Library_Faculty_and_Off-Campus_Programs |Library Faculty and Off-Campus Programs (Standard 5 Section 2.1.1)]]
See [[Standard_5#Achievements.doc | Achievements]]
Web-based resources support the programs housed away from Olympia. See
In cases of cooperative arrangements with other library and information resources, formal documented agreements are established. These cooperative relationships and externally provided information sources complement rather than substitute for the institution’s own adequate and accessible core collection and services.
Despite huge improvements in access through SUMMIT and shared purchasing agreements, LIR has not stepped back from support for the core collection.  SUMMIT will provide specific data regarding use not sufficiently supported by our core.  SUMMIT will also be developing shared collection development guidelines to help design complementary collections.  See

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