Standard 5.D

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Personnel are adequate in number and in areas of expertise to provide services in the development and use of library and information resources.

5.D.1 The institution employs a sufficient number of library and information resources staff to provide assistance to users of the library and to students at other learning resources sites.

5.D.2 Library and information resources staff include qualified professional and technical support staff, with required specific competencies, whose responsibilities are clearly defined.

5.D.3 The institution provides opportunities for professional growth for library and information resources professional staff.

5.D.4 Library and information resources and services are organized to support the accomplishment of institutional mission and goals. Organizational arrangements recognize the need for service linkage among complementary resource bases (e.g., libraries, computing facilities, instructional media and telecommunication centers).

5.D.5 The institution consults library and information resources staff in curriculum development.

5.D.6 The institution provides sufficient financial support for library and information resources and services, and for their maintenance and security.